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One of my best friends and ex-roommate. We are flip sides of the same coin. He is also the person whom I work with to run GayBuffalo Online. Don't ask how we've remained friends all these years. Look for him as "JohnSeth" online!

Kyle Kyle Kyle

Kyle is Tony's boyfriend. He and I have become good friends as well since we have numerous interests in common and are just a lot alike. So much so sometimes, that we sometimes start saying the same thing at the same time or just know what each other is thinking and start driving Tony crazy.


This is a friend of mine, Vicki. I had to include her here since she's been one of my best friends since college and has stood by me through so much of what I've gone through and never judged me. Thanks a lot, Vicki! :)

Rocky Horror Picture Show
Rocky Cast Rocky Convention Here's a couple pictures from my Rocky Horror days. To the left is a picture after the 20th anniversary show. The picture on the right is from the 2nd Albany convention. People loved out costumes so much, they wouldn't let us stop posing until at least a couple dozen pictures of our group were taken.

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