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    Well, for some odd reason, you actually want to know something about me. So, before I call a psychiatrist to discover what psychosis prompted this, I will indulge your curiosity. I am your average if slightly odd and varied person. Since I do not yet have any pictures recent enough or good enough to scan in and put here, here are some general statistics to start you off...

Name:Donald Edward Pahl Jr.
D.O.B.:November 22, 1969
Other Distinguishing Features: glasses (which I have worn since I was 9 months old)
earring (1 in my left ear)
beard (kinda red colored for some reason)

A Little History...
    For most of my early life, I lived on a farm in a small town called Lockport, which is just outside Buffalo, NY; a nice, wholesome, conservative, quiet town. In other words -- BORING. Luckily, I got a reprieve during the 5 years that I attended Buffalo State College. During this time, I lived on campus and learned a lot about myself and life in general. At the end of my freshman year in college, my father passed away. We had been trying to sell out farm and at the end of that summer we were able to and my mother and I moved to a house right in the city of Lockport. In 1998, I moved to Amherst, NY (closer to Buffalo and my friends) and after 3 months, moved again to Tonawanda, NY.
    During my tenure in college, I got involved in a number of campus activities, the most memorable of which are Buff State's student government and theatre production company. These activities were actually where I feel that, during my college years, I learned the most of what will actually help me in the long run. With all the time I put into these activities, I even found time to go to class. In fact, I went through a varied number of occupational directions during my 5 years. I entered Buff State as a secondary education major in mathematics. After 3 years of this, I decided I didn't really want to teach high school at all, although college level teaching still interested me. Instead, because of the experiences in the student government, I decided to go pre-law. I was pre-law for a year while I finished a simple BS in Mathematics and even took the LSATs (Law School Admission Test), where I placed at the 77th percentile of all people who took it. I then decided that this was not the right direction either and pulled my application for graduation. I stuck around another year to take enough courses to have minors in both Computer Information Systems and Theatre. (Interesting combination, huh?) That is when I finally graduated and started looking for a job in the computer field.
    Since graduation, I've worked at a local supermarket in most of the departments, in a part-time/on call position doing computer work for a local food plant, in a community college college teaching business math, in a computer room running reports, at an internet service provider answering technical support questions, at a different ISP doing system administration stuff, and now at yet another ISP doing tech supprt (again... UGH!) and web design. Through all of these, I've found some of my strengths and weaknesses. Hopefully they will lead me onto my true path in life somewhere outside of New York state.

By the way, in case you haven't figured it out by this point, I'm gay.
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