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I'm the type of person who always has to be doing something. Therefore, I have fostered many hobbies. (Maybe even too many...) At any one time, I'm usually working on a project in at least a couple of areas of major interest to me. This should give you am idea of what I like to do.

Some of my favorite interests:
Collectible Card Games

Ever since a friend of mine showed me Magic: the Gathering, I've been hooked on CCGs. I've played a number of them over the years, but the main ones of interest to me are Magic, Vampire: the Eternal Struggle, Highlander, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Xxxenophile. For those who don't know about CCGs, a collectible card game is played simply using a deck of card that each player puts together. Although counters and/or tokens may be needed to help, the only truly necessary component is the cards. The cards are packaged to be purchased like baseball or football cards with an assortment of various cards in each pack with some cards rarer and worth more than others. Each person then takes whatever cards he or she had bought to use to make a deck that they hope can beat whatever deck was created by their opponent. Part of the challenge is that you have no idea what cards the other player may be using. It's a lot of fun to play and half of the fun is in creating your deck in the first place. If you don't play any of these games, give them a try. One warning though, CCG gaming can become addicting and expensive habit as more new cards come out. To me, it's worth it for the fun.


I never thought I'd get into MMORPGs or Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games. I was used to just playing games by myself and definitely didn't see paying to play a game I had already purchased. Then my interest in comic books allowed some friends to get me to try City of Heroes and I really enjoyed it. It was fun interacting with friends in a situation where there could be competition for levelling and stuff but in general, it was collaborative. After that started getting repetitious, I followed some friends to Everquest II where I've been since. I've brought my main character to the current level caps (70 Ranger/70 Weaponsmith) and am working on new characters. Unlike City of Heroes, there is so much to do that even after a few characters leveling up to various points, I'm finding new things to do all the time and new ways to go about it. It can be quite addicting but it's fun having other people to chat with in game while I play.


I've been interested in theatre since I joined the Drama Club back as a freshman in high school. Originally, a friend had convinced me to join as way to make friends. I told him that I would as long as I didn't have to act or be on stage at all. He said that would be fine since they needed tech people. My resistance to acting didn't last long, though, and I auditioned for the second show that they did after I joined. Ever since that, I've been hooked. I even picked up a minor in Theatre in college. I've worked costume construction, wardrobe crew, and set construction. I have been Assistant Stage Manager, Stage Manager (for a production of a play done by the director who had won the Tony for that play), Assistant Director and Director. If I ever find the time to get back to it, I'm going to try to finish writing a play I've been working on for a while. For the past few years, my work schedule at each job I've had has kept me from being able to be active in theatre. I still go to see shows, but one day I would like to get back involved.


LARP stands for Live Action Role Play, for those who don't know. I came across the local LARPs when looking for a tabletop game of Vampire the Masquerade. My first night there, I was just ghosting (i.e. watching but not participating) and ran across a friend who I hadn't seen in quite a while. It was a lot of fun so I got involved in that game and a couple others. It's a lot of fun dressing up and playing a part. I guess it's an extension of my interest in theatre with a improv twist to it. Hopefully, I'll get to learn enough about it all so that I can also help narate some day.

My "favorites" Lists
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