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Everyone has their tastes. I thought I'd toss up a few pictures of some famous guys that I think are attractive. See how much you agree.

Tim McGraw
I may not be into country, but this guy would be enough to get me to listen to it. *drool*
Tim McGraw   Tim McGraw   Tim McGraw

Derek Russo
Just a model, but, damn, I wish I could look that good!
Derek Russo   Derek Russo   Derek Russo   Derek Russo

Kevin Smith
No, not the View Askew guy. This Kevin was Ares on Xena.
Kevin Smith   Kevin Smith   Kevin Smith   Kevin Smith

Nicholas Brendon
Xander on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He only got sexier as the seasons went on.
Nicholas Brendon   Nicholas Brendon   Nicholas Brendon   Nicholas Brendon

Paul Johansson
He would have been enough to keep me watching Highlander: the Raven even if it wasn't good. It was a good show though. Too bad it was cancelled.
Paul Johansson   Paul Johansson   Paul Johansson

Ed Norton
He was cute in Keeping the Faith but (even though I don't normally go for the shaved head bit) he was quite sexy in American History X.
Ed Norton   Ed Norton   Ed Norton

Stan Kirsch
Good looking guy. Never would have thought he'd be this fuzzy. He looked so much better after his break from Highlander when he returned with the shorter hair.
Stan Kirsch   Stan Kirsch   Stan Kirsch

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